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Tobias & Linda x Farmerrain

Farmerrain has saved me so many times.

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Paddleboarding, mountain biking, long dog walks, and discovering new incredible photography settings – that’s how a typical weekend for the vibrant couple Linda Quinn and Tobias can look like. During our conversation, we had the opportunity to explore more about why Farmerrain has become an essential part in their everyday lives and how central nature is to their lives.

Tobias, 43, and Linda, 33, have technically been living together for over a year, but it’s only now that Linda has relocated from Nacka to Tyresö to officially move in with Tobias.
-We’ve always had an ongoing discussion about which area is the nicest; Linda naturally thinks it’s Nacka, but I’ll never leave my beautiful Tyresö, chuckles Tobias.

Linda quickly adds;
-But there are beautiful nature areas in Nacka as well, I promise!

The importance of nature in this couple’s life cannot be overstated. Everything they do is more or less connected to our Swedish nature. Sometimes, it’s both dogs and children joining them on their adventures; Tobias has two children from a previous relationship, and they seem to share their dad’s fondness for nature, which Linda and Tobias appreciate.

As soon as we get the opportunity, we choose to be in nature, affirms Linda.

Tobias adds;
Yes, we often pack our bags with our camera, drone, and head out for a full day in the forest or for a paddleboard tour. We both love to be active and be outdoors, so it suits us perfectly.

My first impression was that it looked like a quality brand, and it resulted in a purchase. Since then, there have been a few purchases, says Tobias happily.

It’s precisely because of Linda and Tobias’s interest for nature that led them to Farmerrain. Tobias was in search of a pair of waders as he had always struggled with water leaking in when they went out to shoot in damp forest terrain or by the water.

I googled waders, and Farmerrain came up as a suggestion. My first impression was that it looked like a quality brand, and it resulted in a purchase. Since then, there have been a few purchases, says Tobias happily.

When did you first come into contact with Farmerrain rain gear, Linda?

It was through Tobias! He introduced me to the garments he already had, and I quickly got hooked. For Christmas, I got my own pinafore pants, and I got so happy! Now I don’t have to steal Tobias’s all the time, haha.

If we benefit from nature, it’s crucial to protect it – we aim to minimize our footprint as much as possible.
How do Farmerrain's garments come into use in your family?

When we go out paddleboarding, your pinafore pants are a must during winter, spring and autumn. The waders have also allowed me to take some of my best pictures ever, just because I can stand in deep water for several minutes without being affected. I know I can trust that you keep your promises!

Linda adds;

Your high mittens are truly a stroke of genius. They have saved me so many times! When you’re out paddling, you might hesitate to put your hand in icy water, but your mittens have been magical in these situations. They’ve spared me from getting cold and wet.

What do you do on a daily basis when you can't spend time in nature?

Tobias tells us he works in a sports store, which might not be entirely surprising.

Sports have always been central in my life. I have practiced and continue to engage in numerous sports. That’s why it’s particularly important to me that outdoor clothing is durable and sustainable, much like Farmerrain’s. In addition to my passion for sports, I love being creative and expressing myself through photography.

Linda continues;

On weekdays, I work at the National Confederation Noaks Ark as a communicator, and I really enjoy it. I love being creative in my job and creating content that also conveys such an important message. It’s perfect that Tobias has such a great interest in film and photography; he has been helpful when I needed an extra hand at work!

The fact that nature is important to you is very clear. Is it therefore important for you to think sustainably even in the choice of clothes?

Oh yes! There is a reason why we choose to shop at Farmerrains. The quality and commitment to sustainability are present in your company, which is bringing me joy to know. If we benefit from nature, it’s crucial to protect it – we aim to minimize our footprint as much as possible.

Tobias shares Linda’s concern and expresses worry about some people’s shopping habits.

In my job and in general, I witness significant clothing waste. It’s concerning to see many purchasing new outdoor clothing every season. That’s why it’s reassuring to know that Farmerrain’s clothes last 10-20 years and remain functional even with wear. They can be lent to those who can’t afford them or passed down to others.

Finally, do you have any dream ideas about what Farmerrain could produce in the future?

Something that would really have been perfect for us is a good waterproof backpack where we can have our equipment without having to be afraid of it getting wet. It would be nice with a stylish design on the backpack, for example, your leather details on the Öland collection would be awesome on a backpack!

Tobias had wished for the perfect waist pants for mountain biking.

I’m looking for a pair of waist pants that don’t become too short and baggy when biking. A pair that maintains the fit, has enough length, and is durable, that would be awesome!

We sincerely thank you for this pleasant interview with this super couple!

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