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Our material


Raintex Vinyl Coated nyloncharmeuse

Total weight 470 grams per square meter

Resistance to water penetration> 20000 mm oil and temperature resistant


RainWex Vinyl Coated Cotton

Total weight 480 grams per square meter

Resistance to water penetration 17000 mm oil and temperature resistant

RainRex lacquered vinyl-coated cotton

Total weight 400 grams per square meter

Resistance to water penetration> 17000 mm


RainRex Blank lackerad vinylbelagd nyloncharmeuse

Totalvikt 400 gram per kvadratmeter

Motstånd mot vattengenomträngning >17000 mm


RainRex Glossy lacquered vinyl coated nyloncharmeuse

Total weight 400 grams per square meter

Resistance to water penetration> 17000 mm


RainTartan vinyl coated nyloncharameuse

total weight of 330 grams per square meter

Resistance to water penetration 17000 mm oil and temperature resistant


Vigra: PVC-coated polyester 330 g / m2 grease- and cold-resistant

Doggerbank: Lacquered PVC coated cotton / polyester 480 g / m2 durable material for mechanical wear oil, grease and cold resistant


Guy Cotten

Nylpeche: High strength tear stop, polyester with double-sided PVC coating total weight 485 g / m2. Resistance to water penetration 13000 mm

Cap-Coz: PVC-coated polyester weight 480 gr / m2 good insulating properties that reduce condensation. Resistance to water penetration 13000 mm




The future is already here!

Quality that is good for you and the environment is at the heart of our choice of materials for our rainwear. This means that we use a PVC that is free of phthalates. The price will be slightly higher, but the quality is the same.

This material has the best properties for rain and protective garments as it is completely waterproof, durable and easy to maintain. Therefore, our goal is that our products should have a useful life of 15 years or more.

How many today inherits a rain garment from someone?
Other advantages of PVC, which are often incorrectly associated with the EU prohibited and dangerous plasticizers containing phthalates and perfluorinated PFC-type substances, are that it can be recycled and also used in new manufacturing. This can be done without the complicated chemical processes required to, for example, recycle PU.

PVC is also a “climate-smart plastic” – if you can really call an oil product climate-smart – but it is the plastic that has the lowest carbon dioxide emissions in manufacturing, according to the statistics of the “European plastics industry”.
It is also the plastic that consumes the least energy during manufacture and reduces more carbon dioxide emissions even during its lifetime than what was caused when they were manufactured. For the production of PVC, carbon dioxide emissions will also decrease further as the use of bio-based raw materials increases and the proportion of fossil-based energy decreases.

The material also has good UV resistance, but like many other materials, they naturally age faster if stored in direct sunlight.

Gone are now the dangers that existed in the past with perfluorinated substances that are persistent, bioaccumulative, toxic and endocrine disruptive and that are likely to contribute to obesity, cancer and disorders of neurological and reproductive inhibitory types including malformations.

Other materials with silicone also have good water-repellent properties, but it is good to know here that the raw material for silicones is persistent, bioaccumulative and toxic.
Other materials with dendrimers also have good water-repellent properties. Little is known here about the environmental and health impacts, but that nanosized particles can potentially enter the cells and cause cancer.

However, no more serious environmental and health consequences in materials with waxes and paraffins have been found. But they have poorer water repellent properties, age faster and can withstand washing and abrasion.

The future is already here. Choose rainwear with quality from Farmerrain made of PVC that is free of phthalates and that is good for you and the environment!

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