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“Our aim is to always manufacture high quality rain wear in an evergreen design that is smooth and easy to use.”

We are so happy that you have found our website!

Our journey took off in 1992. After several years of searching after rainwear in higher quality and functionality, we felt a strong need and desire for a greater diversity in the world of rainwear.

As farmers and nature lovers, it was incredibly important for us to produce durable materials of the highest quality while at the same time the garment should be comfortable to work in. In order to find the optimal balance between quality and shape, we started with a new interest that would help us along the way: To collect rainwear. Here, a new door was opened for us that eventually would give us the inspiration we needed to create the perfect rainwear. The idea that once started with a vision that everyone should be able to find affordable long-lasting rainwear finally began to become reality 3 years later.


27 years later, our great passion for rainwear lives on through Farmerrain. A family business that wants to offer you as a customer a wide opportunity to find your exact type of rainwear, whether you are looking for a classic anorak, fishing jacket or pants for agriculture.

Over the years, we have evolved from just bouncing ideas to creating lots of different choices. The last years, we have also focused on creating modern, classic and sustainable rainwear in fashion. A direction that allows Farmerrain to reach a larger clientele with pleasure and hopefully be able to make customers all over the world happy.